The focus of the Disease & Health System Dynamics Lab is to understand and analyse disease dynamics to improve the organisation and financing of disease prevention and control programs delivered by the health system.

  • Projects are focused on solving real world problems of public health significance. Projects' synopses are categorised under infectious disease system dynamics and public health systems research.

Infectious Disease System Dynamics

  • Social pathways of epidemics
    • The research hypothesis is that individual behaviour, disease dynamics and interventions coevolve across multiple scales to create statistically and epidemiologically significant differences in the efficacy and social equity of public health policies such as infectious disease control strategies.
  • Epidemiological modelling of bovine brucellosis
    • The objective is to model brucellosis transmission dynamics among cattle in India and to estimate the impact of different prevention and control strategies.
  • HIV viral immune dynamics
    • The objective is to analyse the dynamics of HIV-1, CD4+ T cells and macrophages during the acute, clinically latent and late phases of HIV infection in order to predict their dynamics from acute infection to clinical latency and finally to AIDS stage in treatment naive HIV-infected individuals.
  • BCG vaccine impact on household contacts
    • The objective is to estimate the effect of the BCG vaccine on latent tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis disease among household contacts in India.

Public Health Systems Research

  • Economic evaluation of expedited partner therapy program
    • The objective is to estimate the cost-effectiveness of expedited partner therapy program compared to standard partner referral for the treatment and control of chlamydia and gonorrhea in Virginia.
  • Economic evaluation of fungal meningitis outbreak
    • The objective is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost of the fungal meningitis outbreak response in New River Valley of Virginia during 2012-2013, from the local public health department and clinical perspectives.