Workshop on Disease Burden, Dynamics, Economics and Policy

Under the theme of Big Data in Healthcare - Workshop Brochure

Big data has become the new frontier of information management given the amount of data today’s systems are generating and consuming. Big data provides new opportunities to store and index previously unusable, siloed and unstructured data for additional uses by health care stakeholders. It seems to be the cornerstone of modern epidemiology that allows more efficient responses to emerging diseases, distributed access to knowledge, and greater understanding of the personal effects and policy decisions. Within the theme of big data in healthcare, this workshop is focused on disease burden, dynamics, economics and policy. 

Please install the following software in your laptop and review through the following websites ahead of the workshop.


  • Introduction - Big Data in Healthcare
  • Conclusion - Health Policy Modeling
  • Group project
    • Study a disease/health burden of participants' choice
      • Understand current disease burden (retrospective analysis)
      • Analyze the epidemiological impact of a disease control and prevention program (prospective/predictive analysis)
      • Estimate the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of your disease control and prevention program
    • Participants collaborating in small groups
    • Project presentations by participants